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Welcome to the Aeolus website

Aeolus is an European research project funded by the European Commission under the IST framework programme 7 for Information and Communication Technology, ICT. The main goal of Aeolus is to research and develop models that allow real-time predictions of flows and incorporate measurements from a set of spatially distributed sensor devices. In Aeolus we will use the flow information as a basis for new control paradigms that acknowledge the uncertainty in the modelling and dynamically manage the flow resource in order to optimise specific control objectives.


One of the project outcomes is a simulation toolbox aimed at providing a fast wind farm Matlab/Simulink simulation environment for development of wind farm control algorithms. The toolbox provides simple turbine models along with wind field generation and turbine wake simulation. More information on SimWindFarm.

Tutorial Training Workshop

A two day workshop on control systems design for wind power generation is to be held during May 2011 in Glasgow. This is intended to provide a tutorial introduction to the control techniques involved in wind turbines and also an overview of the current state of the art. The workshop is organised by ISC Ltd., AEOLUS partners will contribute to the event. For more information and registration see the ACTC website.

News & Events

31 January 2012: The Aeolus project has been completed.
25-26 May 2011: Tutorial Training Workshop, Glasgow: Improved Control of Wind Farms, Advanced Control for Offshore Wind-farms to Reduce Failures and Maintenance Costs. For more information and registration see the ACTC website.
14 March 2011: Aeolus hosted a side-event at EWEA 2011 in Brussels. To find a copy of the presentations, please follow this link.
20-23 April 2010: EWEC, Warsaw, PL, Aeolus Sideevent
12-16 April 2010: CPS Week, Stochholm, SE
22 October 2009: Euromech Colloquium, Madrid, ES
16 October 2009: CPS workshop, EESW, Grenoble, FR
10 October 2010: Workshop on R&D collaboration with Brazil in the ICT field, Sao Paulo, Brazil
5-6 October 2009: Concertation Meeting on Control of Large-Scale Systems, Brussels, BE
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